The Advantage Of Using Raised Garden Planters

The reputation of gardening using raised garden planters is getting very popular. You can find many benefits in this style of gardening since materials and procedures are already developed.


Raised beds are a great deal simpler to maintain than plain flat ground. And there are actually some planters offered that provide a ledge so that you can sit or kneel while tending your plants. There are even raised garden planters designed for handicapped. They’re the right height for operating your garden even if you’re sitting on a wheelchair.


A raised garden planter allows you to control the plant temperature easier. Covering a raised bed is a lot easier than covering an entire garden plot on very cold evenings. You can even design a hoop made of PVC and have your covering mounted into it as your frost proofing covers. There are even ready-made covers for raised garden planters that you can buy easily at garden stores.


The drainage of the soil will improve dramatically on raised garden planters. That means you will no longer contend with soggy roots and degrading stems.

Soil Superiority

Most raised garden planters will likely be filled with bought top rated soil or comparable quality dirt. It is possible to even create your own soil mixture to meet your plant requirements.


Raising the plant bed prevents the soil surrounding the plant from being stepped upon thereby making them denser.

You can use several materials in order to build your raised garden plant project. Here are some of the examples.

Recycled plastics – There are various commercially produced raised garden planters offered which uses recycled plastics. They are readily available in various colours, heights and sizes. You could even make your own style instead of the regular rectangle or square design.

Lumber – Some will prefer to have raised garden planters out redwood or cedar. Since they are biodegradable, they will not last as long as plastic and treating them to be rot resistant is not advisable due to the possibility of the chemicals leaching in the soil.

Cinder blocks – These are very durable and readily available in the house or at gardening centres.

Galvanized steel – This material can be used for raised garden planters as they are very strong and you can paint the outside with beautiful colourful decorations.

Raised garden planters can be used for growing flowers or herbs as well as vegetables. It is definitely a worthwhile investment of money and time. So what are you waiting for, get down and dirty and start busying yourself with the relaxing hobby of gardening.