5 Easy Ways To Help Us Promote Water Conservation In The House

When dealing with environmental concerns, energy conservation is a worldwide dilemma in these modern times. Among the various resources that we have now, water is on top of the list. Since only 1 percent of the globe’s water is in fact potable, it might not really seem like it is an abundant renewable resource.

Water is the foundation of life. And by preserving water, we actually conserve a lot of energy too. The whole process of cleaning and distributing this essential natural resource requires a lot of energy. From sewer pipes to water treatment facilities, clean water goes through a very long process before reaching our homes.

By understanding and applying water conservation strategies, we can effectively conserve this precious resource and a lot of energy even with our own little ways. Listed below are five tips on how to conserve water effectively in our homes.

1. Ensure that all your sinks have aerators. Aerators add air to the flowing water from the faucet that helps decrease the amount of water that drips while keeping the same amount of pressure from the faucet.

2. Protect your water pipes. It is actually easy to protect your water pipes under the sink by covering the piping with fiber glass padding. But remember that these insulators could be potentially dangerous when touched or inhaled so make sure to use rubber gloves and a face mask to cover your nose and your mouth when doing this.

3. Look for water leakage. You could check if you have water leaks in your house by taking note of the meter reading at a certain time of the day and observing it. Take constant measurements during specific periods of time. Make sure that your meter reading remains constant and that it does not go up in times when you do not use water in any way.

4. Don’t leave the water running. The dentist tells us to brush our teeth for a minimum of 2 minutes. This is enough to ensure that all spots and spaces are flushed out. Usually, it doesn’t take 2 minutes to get hot water flowing in the toilet sink. Get the water warm and turn it off while cleaning your teeth.

5. Fill the sink with water when shaving. Rather than cleansing your shaver with flowing water, fill the toilet sink with water and shake your razor in the sink to rinse it off. This really works just as well as running the razor through running water, and will definitely save you a number of buckets of water every day.

There are lots of different ways for us to help promote water conservation. Simple actions could go a long distance not just for you but for the other living creatures in our world as well.