Wind Turbines For Independent Power Production

When people think about wind turbines, they often imagine the large wind farms built as part of the greater initiative to replace traditional power plants with sustainable alternatives. However, a wind turbine can be used for smaller applications like for farms and even domestic locations. Wind turbines come in many sizes and can generate enough … Read more

Tragic Results Of One Town’s Pollution

In the fall of 1948, just a few days before Halloween, the tiny mill town of Donora, Pennsylvania was in for a swift, tragic and frightening disaster. The town of Donora is situated within a bend of the Monongahela River. It was a hard-working town filled with residents, nearly half of whom worked at one … Read more

Garden Pests – Fight The Pests The Natural Way

A proper plan of action must be in place to get rid of garden pests permanently or at least for a longer time period. First things first, understand the kinds of bugs and identify the ‘bad bugs’, such as Aphids, slugs, snails, Japanese beetles, Root Maggots, Army Worm, etc., that can ravage through a beautiful … Read more

Installing Solar Panel In Homes

Installing a solar panel in your home can definitely cause great effects. For one, it can gradually decrease your utility bill as it allows you to explore an alternative energy source, apart from that produced by conventional power grids. Second, you are contributing energy to your society as any excess energy produced may be bought … Read more

The Advantage Of Using Raised Garden Planters

The reputation of gardening using raised garden planters is getting very popular. You can find many benefits in this style of gardening since materials and procedures are already developed. Accessibility Raised beds are a great deal simpler to maintain than plain flat ground. And there are actually some planters offered that provide a ledge so … Read more

The Easiest Vegetables You Can Grow

It is far more satisfying to grow veg than to buy them in the supermarket. The pleasure of using your home-growns in the kitchen will add so much to the experience of preparing and cooking your meals. And, here is the real secret, it is easy. Whether you have a small indoor garden or an … Read more

5-s For Solar Panel Installers

There are five (5) extremely important “S-factors” that all solar panel installers should be checking into when they are checking if a solar energy technology is indeed viable in a place or otherwise. These are about the solar radiation, south-facing, soil, as well as shadow and security. I will explain all of these factors in … Read more