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The South Yorkshire Forest Partnership is leading in the promotion of woodland management and increasing woodland cover where it is needed in South Yorkshire. We encourage local communities and groups to use and look after their local woodlands. We help them to find the resources they need to create successful projects. South Yorkshire woods are alive with activity! Click on the icons to find out more

Focus on planting

The availability of Objective 1 funded Forestry Resources Grants has increased and improved the range of tree planting projects undertaken in South Yorkshire and the South Yorkshire Forest area in the past three years.

From small community led ‘neighbourhood’ schemes to large scale pit tip reclamation projects taking several years to complete – all the planting projects taken place with the asisstance of SYFP have had benefits of improving the areas around where people live for people and for wildlife now and well into the future.

In all some 460 hectares of new woodland (around the size of 900 footbal pitches) will be planted by 2007. This will improve areas with degraded land, or in areas of low tree cover - making a lasting change to the landscape and future health and wellbeing of the people of South Yorkshire.

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