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Planting and Management

Woodlands contribute more than is often recognised to life in Britain. As well as being significant features in the landscape, they can generate a wide range of economic, environmental and social benefits, such as:-

. Economic development - A wooded environment helps attract new industries by providing pleasant surroundings in which to work.

Wildlife conservation woodlands provide invaluable wildlife habitats which form a vital link in the network of habitats found throughout Britain.

Timber and timber based products - usually bio-degradable and produced with minimal impact on global warming.

Recreational woodlands provide superb recreational possibilities, many of which are yet unexploited.

Planting and harvesting - our timber helps reduce import bills. We currently grow only just over 10% of our own needs for timber and timber products - resulting in Britain's fourth highest import bill.

Landscape woodlands add beauty and character to the landscape.

Employment - over 35,000 people in Britain owe their jobs to forestry.

Education a woodland is an excellent educational resource for students of any age.

Careful planning and woodland management may ensure that woodlands are able to meet this whole range of needs and may even, in the long run, benefit the owner financially. To find out more about managing your woodland or planting a new one, follow the links on the left.

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